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Tuesday, March 29, 2005


Daer Friend,

Permit me to inform you of my desire to do business with you with my money in your country. I am a 32 year old business woman from Sierra Loene in west Africa.

I elate to inform you that I inherited a total sum of $22 millionUs dollars (twenty two million dollars) from my late husband chief John Mugu, a gold and diamond dealer who was murdered early last year by the former Liberian president Mr Charles Taylor over the dispute in their diamondand gold deal.

This money which is concealled in a computerised suitcase is deposited in a safe deposit company here in Cotonou, Republic of Benin where I am presentlytaking refuge with my two kids as family treasure not money for security reason.That is to say that the deposit company does not know that the suitcase contain money. This was done under a high powered government conection because the president of this country Mr Mathieu kerekou is a family friend.your assistance is now sought in the transfer of this money to you countryfor investment into any lucrative business of your choice.

this mail,you are requested to visit me here for familiarisation and to enable us arrange on how to get this suitcase out from the deposit company and transferthis money into your account in your country after which I will go backwith you. But if you can not come down here, the director of the deposit company can arrange and bring it to you in your country under their diplomaticcoverage system just the same way it was brought from my country to this place. You will be required to send me your pic to enable me know the person that I am dealing with.I will send mine soon after repairing my scan machine which is now faulty.You will also be required to send to my lawyer, a copy of your international passport or company registration certificate if any to enable him prepare an agreement for us.

For rendering this service, you will be highly compensated, a situation that will be discussed later.

I want you to take this transaction very serious because it will benefityou.I will later tell you why I reposed this trust and confidence in you,a person I have not met before. we must act fast because it cost me $100 daily as demurage to the deposit company keeping this suitcase and the earlierwe remove it from there the better for us. This is not scam please. I knowabout scam because my late husband was a victim before his death. Lookingforward to your reply through this my private emil:

Sincerely yours, XXXX



I am so sorry to hear about your husband. I am glad you found me as I would love to help you. Please contact me immediately and let me know how I can assist you in this situation.

Sniffon D. Fartz


Dear Sniffon,

Thanks for your interest in this business which I can only assure you will benefit you if you take it serious. One of the paragraphs of my first mail to you, I told you that in due course, I will let you know why I am reposing this kind of trust on you, a person that I have not met before. it would have been fool hardy for me to do so without the direction of God.

I am a very devoute christian who believe in God and his prophesies. Let me now unfold the secret of my heart to you.The night before I sent you that first mail, an angel of God appeared to me in my dream and advised me to stop worrying myself over how I can get this money out from Africa because God has already chosen someone to help me do so.The angel then wrote your names and contact address for me on a black board and asked me to contact you.

She told me that if you respond to that mail, you will assist me.

I want you to know that trust is the soul of every business. In the past, we have trusted people even those we know and believe will not disapoint us but atlast, we were disapointed. But anybody chosen by God will never disapoint us.I have given you my trust because God asked me to do so. Man can lie but God never lies.

I would have loved you to come down here to accompany me to the deposit company where this money is deposited and see this money after which, we shall open an account in one of the international banks here, then lodge in the money and transfer it to your account in your country.But if you can not come down here for whatever reason, the director of the deposit company and my lawyer will arrange to bring you this suitcase just the same way it was brought from my country to cotonou under their high powered special diplomatic delivery system which forbides inspection at seaports and airports.

How old are you please and what is your profession? Are you married or single please? Send me your pic.I will be sending mine in my next mail. This will enable us to know ourselves better. Please keep this trust and confidence reposed in you.

Looking forward to reading from you at your earliest convinience. God bless you real good.




What a pretty name. I am a woman of course. I too am a widow. My husband was the CEO & President of a multi-billion dollar Fortune 500 company until his untimely death four years ago. I am now the chairmanof the company and have left the day to day running to my brother-in-law simply because business has never interested me. Most of my time I spend shopping or traveling. But I am terribly lonesome.

I know that you were sent to me for a reason!!!You must understand that a person in my position must be careful anddiscrete. Many people try to take advantage of me because I am kind and very trusting.I have spoken to my lawyer about your proposition and he said I should have you send me a picture of your passport or some kind ofidentification first to know that you are real and not trying to just take my money.I know you are sincere - I can tell we have a special bond but I must take his advice on this matter. Please send me the required picture so I can really trust you.

Love Sniffon

Dear Sniffon,
I am sending you my pic through
this attachment. Please send your to enable us know ourselves. God bless.


I just recieved your picture - why you are very very beautiful!

I simply love your outfit. I must certainly travel down to Africa andbuy a few for myself. I contacted my lawyer and he insists I receive a copy of your passport or other identification to assure me of your honesty.

Once again - you are very very beautiful and I will sleep tonight withthoughts of you in my head!

Perhaps it would be okay if I purchase something here in my country for you? Maybe a necklace or ring? Would that be okay?

Love Sniffon


Dear Sniffon,
You can purchase anything you like for me.

Nothing will be too small in this dispensation.

I have just sent you my pic.
Send yours in youir next reply.
God be with you.


I must have forgotten to reply


My dear,
I have attached my pic here for you.

Please send yours.
This will enable us know ourselves.
But let me advise you and your lawyer If you do any funny thing with my pic, I will sue you because I am not a scamer. Do not use my pic for any urgly thing because I will not take it lightly with you.
God bless.


I did not get the copy of your passport or other ID and my lawyer has continued to advise me against initiating any business with you until you have sent the appropriate documents...

Why would I do something funny with your picture? What could I possible do? I don't understand???

Do you think I am dishonest? I am very hurt by this...You said God has sent you to me- why would He send you to someone dishonest? Perhaps God did not send you to me after all. I am very upset by your words.

Perhaps we are best off not doing business after all.

Good Day.


my dear,
I have a lawyer here too who advised me that i should not send my passport until you have sent at least your pic like I have done.Yes, god sent me to you but you are not responding like his servant.

how can you be demanding everything from me when you have sent nothing to me, Send your pic and I will send all that you ask from me.
God be with you.


Very well my dear -

I will send you my picture but be advised that once I do I will require a copy of your passport AND another picture of you. If these passport picture and the second picture are not of the same person in the first picture - we will hav n o further contact.

I am tired of always having to be on my guard because peope are trying to take advantage of me.

Yes I have money, yes I am beautiful - but that does not mean I have no feelings!

Once I receive an agreement from you that you will send me your passport AND a different second picture I will send you a copy of my photo. If you do not agree to these terms than we can consider our business concluded. I am sorry to be so harsh but this is at the insistance of my lawyers.


My dear,
O .K first send your pic and I will send you whatever you ask from me but do not ask me to tzake any pic holding your company logo.


Why would I do that?
You are confusing me.

I have received an email from someone claiming to the real Mugu XXXX and she sent me the same picture you did! She says that you are a liar and that you are trying to take my money?

What is going on here???


My Dear,
You are not serious. Who on this earth will say that.? Send me what the person sent to you..

You are the liar because I told you never to ask me to take any pic holding your companys logo.
I have now got you .


YOU WROTE: You are the liar because I told you never to ask me to take any pic holding your companys logo.I have now got you .

No kidding.

And I did NOT ask you to take a picture holding ANYTHING did I?


You are deceitful- just like the other emailer said - the REAL MUGU XXXXX. You are not a Christian!

YOU LIED. Liar liar pants on fire.

You are a liar and I am glad I trusted the other MUGU XXXXX.

Here is what she wrote:--------

29 March, 2005

My dearest friend,

The MUGU XXXXXX youa re talkiing to is full of lies!

Do not believeher as she is not a honest and trusting person.

She is pretending tobe me.

I don't know why. I never have caused harm to anyone.

Do NOT send her money. You need to send me the money instead.

Please hurry as my children are crying for they are with empty bellies!!!

The FALSE AND DECEITFUL woman MUGU XXXXX is probably some ugly woman who has sex with goats for a dollar.

SHe is evil.

She is dirty.

No man wants her.

Not even dead men.

I have heard she has a rotten vagina.

Love honorably MUGU XXXXX


You lie. Go away. Who email is that?


No. You can't make me so THERE. I'm not telling. I am not a tattletale.


I ignore you now


You are not doing a very good job of ignoring me.


I ignore you.


Yippee. I could be so lucky. tell you what-- how about you teach me a real lesson and type JJJJJJJJJJ really fast and hard.... You might be able to TYPE me to death....

Don't you have a relative to eat or something?