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Monday, May 02, 2005

A Meeting With Dr. Fraud... I Mean FREUD.

Ok- I had to pick my brother up at the airport.

I forgot my cell phone at work so I never got the message that he had to change his flight to the next day.


I happened to have passed a row of pay phones and since it would be convenient to have a phone number for my lads to call - I decided to write one of the numbers down even if not just to give it to him and then hear him tell me who the heck happened to pick up...

Anyhoo... So I went home and one of my lads sent me an email. I told him to call me and - of course- gave him the phone number to the airport pay phone. I also told him he had to call me at a specific time- which happened to be about 30 minutes before my brother's flight came in.

Lord only knows what time it was where he was at...

I hope it was super inconvient...

I show up to the airport the next day, grab a soda and hang out by my phone.

It rings!!!!


I pick up.

YAY again!!! It's my boy!

I talk to him for about a minute and say that I am looking for the routing numbers for his Western Union Transfer.

I set the phone down and go to the bathroom instead.

I wander back a few minutes later and I'm not really surprised that the phone is still off the hook - the airport is kinda dead and the sort of cul de sac I am in is not exactly a chock full of people either.

I am surprised that he is still on the phone though... Isn't he paying for this??

I tell him my secretary must have it and to hold on again. I DESPERATELY tried to figure out the stupid voice recording thing on my cell phone - maybe I can record this - but no. I am apparently too stupid for technology.

After messing with that for a minute or two - I get back on the phone and say that she isnt at her desk but I found the number - she has it written on a memo pad - where the copy of the actual transfer is - beats me...

OH SHOOT - I cant read these numbers??? I could guess??3

Nope- he wants me to call him back when I find her.

No no - I insist it'll just be a second and before he can answer I leave to get a bag of doritos from a vending machine and inspect the nail I just chipped..

Darn. I wish I had a file.

Soooo I lollygag a little on the way back to the phone...

Still off the hook

Still with my lad on the other line.

Estimated time at this point is about 15 minutes give or take.

I tell him I cannot find her but I paged her...

I proceed to complain about my nail while not letting him get a word in edgewise and ignoring anytime he tried to talk over me...

He was getting restless but it was obvious he wanted that WUxfer number - after all - I had sent him $1700.

He then tried to hang up again.

I threw a hissy fit and said that if he didnt give a crap about me and my problems then I dont really give a crap about his damn WUxfer number and that I would just get my secretary to go and get the money back..

Can you even do that?

I have no idea... Ive never used WU..

He shuts up and lets me complain about my broken nail and my ex boyfriend who recently made a reappearance in my life-- but whatever- its a long story....

...which he heard... its ENTIRETY.

Hell - I even almost started to cry I was so upset remembering the who chaotic mess with my ex...

It was very theraputic I must say though...

EST Time at this point - 30 minutes...

My brother's flight should be coming in soon.

I tell my lad that the secretary just walk in (sort of sniffling -- I admit...I was still a little weepy...) and that I will gather myself and go get the WUxfer numbers and to just wait a few minutes...

I go, get my brother, and we go get his luggage...

I AM DYING to know how long after my lad stayed on that phone...

I'm also curious if anyone ever hung it up...

I guess I wont know... He hasnt emailed me back. He must be mad. I sent him an email trying to lure him back - if not at least to find out the answer to that first question... I guess I just have to wait and see....

Heh heh heh. And to think - I was annoyed I had to go back to the airport....