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Wednesday, April 20, 2005

What a Tangled Web We Weave...

NB: Since this scam is ongoing and I don't want my scammer-lad to find me should he happen to search for my name I am keeping some information censored.

My comments (mostly sarcastic and snide) will be in WHITE
My emails will be in GREEN
The scammer’s emails will be in YELLOW

Hello ,

I am DJ. From the Federal Republic of liberia, but presently residing in Dakar-Senegal due to political problem.

However,I humbly wish to inform you in my proposal to you that I have about 350kg of Au metal [GOLD] [Quality] and purity 92.5% and 14,585 carat of Rough Daimond.
Due to my financial status ,I have decided to sell each kilo 4500 USD quite below the world market price.

I shall discuss other vital information and document as regards to the origin to you immediately you indicate your interest.
You may reply through my alternate e-mail address or call me on my telephone line.

I am looking forward to receive your reply.

Yours truly,


Okay - let's see what we can do to make David crazy....

Im interested. Talk.

Many thanks for your prompt reply. I will be greatful if you can assist me to sell the gold and diamond as soon as possible.
In order to consolidate our relationship I will like you to forward to me you full contact number so that I can reach you and discuss to map out logistics for this transaction

Yeah yeah yeah - whatever. You want my number? Sure - let me find an expensi.. I mean a GOOD one to reach me at.

710-145-XXXX ext 012
Please send me a copy of your license. there are scammers out there and i want to make sure you are not one of them.

BTW- 710 numbers don't work in that block. Not to mention I left off a country code.

Many thanks for your kind reply. I do understand your point concerning scammer on net. One Canadian man who took my 7 kilograms of gold and run away since 5 weeks now. He paid for the shipment and promised to pay me as soon as he round up with the refinery but till date he has not showed up
I am not a gold dealer the gold is just an inheritance from my father. I sucessfully brought the gold from my country to this place. At your request I will forward to you the Air cargo receipt. I approached a German/South African attorney this afternoon who will arrange with me and you on the best means of handling the business

Please I am not a cheat. I am here with my sister who is 20 years and am 23 years old. I still have a future ahead of me. I can never involve myself into something that might send me to jail.
I would have love it most if you will find time to come to senegal and see things for yourself and believe what am telling you today. I will like my business with you to hold under a high standard way and transparent.
I tried to call you but the line is no going please call me on my number +221 584 XXXX

I can't believe it. He couldn't get through to me? Damn phone company.

Some Canadian guy shafted out friend?? Awwww....

My number doesn't work? How strange? Did you dial the correct country code?

You know - the one I didn't give you??

Please reconfirm the number and code again

I ignore that request for now.

Anyhow - I am afraid I cannot do business with you without some proofthat this is all the truth - I am sure you understand. Perhaps youcould take a picture of the gold and send it to me? I would consider that proof enough...

I should get something here....

The gold is still in the custody of the courier company that brought it to this place. I hereby send to you a copy of the airway bill as a proof to what am telling. Sir I am fom a responsible family and do not have to to lie. I am very sure we have a good business to do.

Please advise as soon as possible the means in which we can do this business. I will like you to contact the lawyer so that he can facilitate the whole transaction and make it a reality

OMG - too damn lazy to google some gold to send me a fake picture??? I'm crushed.

(BTW- concerning my next comment - I have nothing against Canadians... I just wanted to bond with my friend D - who keeps changing his name from David to Davis and then back again.)

Oh. I forgot to mention that I am very sorry to hear that some Canadian man stole from you. I never liked Canadians anyhow.. Always saying "Eh" and stuff with their stupid maple syrup. Drives me mad. I promise not to give them any of my gold.

He sends me this "PROOF". I have kindly taken the time to point out a few interesting things.

I decide to send him this:

My number is 710-145-XXX ext 012.

I recieved information that some work is being done on the phone lines in my neighborhood so I wonder if that didn't have something to do with it? I called my phone company and they said they were not surebut for you to keep trying. I am sorry for the inconvenience to you. Please send me the email address for the lawyer and I will contact him.

How are you doing? Are you safe? Do you need anything?

(Like a smack in the head maybe?)

But I was starting to like my friend Davis/David whatever....

The contact of the lawyer is as follows:
Name: Khan

Tel: + 221 672XXXX
Email: XXXXX

I am very safe now. The only thing I need at
the moment is for this gold to be sold so that
I can arrange for a better life and reclaim some
of my fathers properties in peoples hand. I just
pray that everything will work out as soon as possible
Please try and contact him and update me. I already
told him you are my late fathers business friend so
please maintain that while talking with him.
I look forward to hear from you
Davis David

Now he is just combining names. Whatever.

I am glad you are safe David and I will email the Barrister as soon as I can.
Please keep in touch with me.

I send an email to the Barrister - I get no reply for two days. I send this to David:

David!! i TRIED TO CONTACT THE LAWYER BUT HIS EMAIL ISNT WORKING.. i THINK HE HAS BEEN KILLED????? Are you sure you are safe? What has happened????

Drama Queen.

Now this get's a little confusing. Some how David & the MIA Barrister disappear after I FINALLY receive an email from Barr. Khan who tells me that he has no idea who David is. I pass this on to David.

The next thing I know - his email account has been taken over by a new gold dealer. His name is Maxwell. Maxwell pretty much sends me the same email David sent so I will spare you having to read it. I will however include my response:

Sure. My vagina would like to buy some gold.

Whaaaat? Is there something wrong with that? Enter Mr. David.

Thank you for your mail,We are sory for late reply because of busy schedule.
Our Gold Prospectors offers only 245kgs shipments per month as licesensed by our government,and each 1 kg is being sold for usd7,500.00 and the gold oregine is burkina faso,the gold type is gold dust bullion,you can> > specify how much quantities that you can buy.. Shipments and documentation will be made from Bepublic to your> expected destination by air cargo or courrier,after governent documents is> > > obtained. We also give you to room now to contact our prospectors as follows:

Atten:Mr.Samuel David
Ste Dinky international.

Another David? And no mention of my vagina either. I will force them to acknowledge my womanhood.

Can my vagina legally own gold?

Many thank for your quickly feed back towards our transaction,the contents were duly noted with interest,regarding your inquired please i suggest you to contact our prospector and discuse the matter with he to enable us start the pratical business. We are hereby sending you his contact address again for your contact purpose as below. you can rich he by phone right way.

But I don't want to talk to the contractor. I hate him already.

I will not do any business with you until you let me know if my vagina can legally own this gold.


Many thank for your mail.and how are you today,hope all is getting fine so per your request if your vegina can own gold i don't if it is possible how you mean. If you are a gold dealer or if you are a serious buyer we dont think you should advice us to sell on cradit without knowing who we are dealing with or without having a physical meeting for us to be sure we are not going into a wrong hand,how can your vegina own our prospector that is not how we opperate here in africa ok. So now i want to tell you,if you are genuinely interested to buyer gold than we can move on,but i we can't accept your reqiured to own us,futher more like i said if your interest we go ahead as i haved earlier give you our prospector contact addresse for your contact purpose,so you can get in touch with at any time wish it left for you. Please,we need your serious attention on the above areas so that we can move ahead. Waitting to hearing you soon.

Now we are getting somewhere -- but I want some pretty pictures.

My vagina and I are both interested in your proposal. We have been wanting to invest in gold and this is the perfect oppourtunity for us.

Please provide me with a clear and concise list of what you can provide for my vagina and me as well as what would be required of me. Since we will be dealing with very large sums of money - I must first insist on the following:

1. Your license to sell and export gold.
2. A copy of your business card
3. A letter from a licensed gold expert breaking down the purity of the gold.
4. A diagram of the location of the gold to insure it will remain guarded until I am able to pick up the gold in person.

Sincerely, EA. & my vagina.

(I SOOOO know this bait is not going to end that productively for me.. This guy is stubborn....)

It is my upmost pleasure to feed back you onceagain briefly at this very point of time.and i most thank you for your quicly responsed,in futher to my perevious conversation i wish to impart you to know i haved forward your message to our prospector who will reply back to you, as soon he finish negotiate you request, So any time he reply back to you please kindly notify me ok.

Do I look like your secretary? And where are my documents???

I look forward to doing business with you. I am prepared to send thefunds required noce I receive the appropriate documention.

Now once again they take FOREVER in answering - I figured they must have been trying to make the documents.. I mean FIND the documents... But no.

Many thank for your last mail,and am really sorry for our late reply,
please i just want you to inform me if you have receive mail and the requested document from the prospector,have you.

Are you kidding me? FOUR DAYS and they come up with that??? Slap time.

Are you on crack? How long does it take for you to respond to an email??? You must be on drugs if you think this is acceptable. I want an apology that you took so long. or dont write back.

(BTW - the lad seems to intermittently try his hand at making paragraphs... I'm not formatting these...)

Many thank for your mail.
Please note that am really sorry i could haved been given you quick responed it just that i fall sick and on the other hand the prospector traveled,

Please i most apologize to you don't be upset ok,we can now start our business to enable us make profit from each other.

The prospector told me that he will send offer to you have receive it kindly confirm to you.

How long will it take the contractor to get back to me? I want to see a picture of the gold too.

I accidently deleted his next message but he basically asked if the prospector had contacted me yet- which he must have- but I was in a deleting frenzy so I probably deleted that mail too. Not going to admit my fault though... I'll blame the contractor.

I havent received anything from the contracter. PLease have him contact me.

Max questions my integrity:

I just want to let you know that the contractor told me that he have> contacted you and have not receive any feed back from you,why.

The nerve. Well I do get a lot of mail - maybe his needs to stick out?

He DID NOT contact me. He is obviously lying. have him contact metoday. Tell him to put "SPACE COWBOY" in the subject of the email.

Many thank for your mail.
Now you said that the prospector have not contacted you,but he told me that he have contacted you and have't receive any feed back from you,i think if your interested to purchase gold dust from us,you can contact him as we have been sharing mail for quite a long time now,we have to make everything come true,let us move to the tratical business ok not to sharing mail every day without moving ahead,you can contact him and tell him that i introduce you to him,that your interested to buy gold dust and i hope he can prepare offer and send to you,here is his contact address as i have give you before.

Whatever. He should contact me - not the other way around. I try contacting the prospector.

Hello - I am interested in purchasing gold from you. Please email back.

These folks are sure slow.

I receive this back:

I have 280 kilograms of 22 carat plus gold Dust . The percentage Purity of the gold is approximately 92.5% and it isFree of high levels of impurity and radioactive Contents. Please let me know your comments.

WTF is that? What does he want me to say? I am glad your gold is not going to make horns sprout from my head? Or make me glow in the dark??? PLUS he took FIVE days to get back to me.


Holy cow! It took you FIVE Days to get back to me??? That is not verygood business practice! Are all of our dealings going to take thatlong? I am a very busy man and don't have the time to sit around and wait for you to get around to emailing me.

Please do not let this happen again.
One kilo will suffice for now.

If all works out well we will purchase more.

Please respond before I die of old age.

do you want to buy gold dust you have to fofollowheprprocedureby visiting ghGhanao ththate can sign business agreement with you i hope you will understand me thanks

What business agreement??? WTF is this guy constructing his sentences using those little magnetic words you can stick on your fridge?

Fine- but I will cease dealing with you if I have to wait five days-that is purely assinine.So now what? What do I need to do? And try to not take a year answering me.

can you call me on my phone 0023324420XXXX


I cannot do that - for religious reasons I am prohibited from usingthe phone during this holy month.What information do you need from me to start sending me gold?


Wait for it... Wait for it..... AHA!

To send you the gold is not a problem to me because am a gold dust dealer as you know but what I want you to do is you will scan your international passport photo with your full contact address and send it to me is to enable me send you the gold through DHL service you will pay for the DHL to send it to you
It will cost you $500 dollar for that

Oh really?

I dont have a passport -I have never left where I live... It takes 28days to get one- can I send you my license instead

ok you can send license instead and And your fullcontact details because I will give it to the DHLservice to enable them locket your house when the willdeliver the gold to you. Remember to send the money so that I will pay the DHL service

You need me to pay DHL? What? They won't take gold dust in trade?

I attached my license my address is

4658 Gettoe Street
Hershey Highway
St. Louis, WA 75898

Where do I send the money?

Vic approves my license. Apprently I could have sent a picture of my toilet and he would have been happy.

Thanks for your mail
Send the money trough this name (Derick Amevor) he ismy secretary and you have to send it through westernmoney union transfer to Accra Ghana after sending youwill send me the control number and test question.
Give me your full name thanks victor

So Victor/David/Max/Davis is actually DERICK AMEVOR. Hi Derick. Have you found my site? You are a total tool. Bet you can't guess who else I am baiting you as... Heh heh heh...

I would totally sent you money - but wait- you never sent me my forms...

Sounds good. I am just waiting on the forms you were supposed to send me.

No reply for a week. I decide a prompting is in order.

If I do not hear form you in 24 hours I will do buisiness with someone else. You are obviously not who you say you are.

That should get them moving. They don't want to lose a prospective "client". I get this next email in under an hour.

It have been very painful to me that you think the we are not what we said,
my company have tried to let you know the situations of things here with us, but you not seems to be comfortable with us thanks for your anticipated co- opration

I'm not budging.

Send me the information I required or do not contact me again. Once I receive it I will send you my new email address. You have 24 hours which to send me the documention I require. Any legitimate business will have this readily available.I will not respond to any emails from you unless they have what I have requested.No exceptions. Good day.

After a WEEK I get a response.

Send the money trough this name (Derick Amevor) he ismy secretary and you have to send it through westernmoney union transfer to Accra Ghana after sending youwill send me the control number and test question.

Which is a TOTAL cut and paste from his earlier message. And by the way- since when did he have a secretary and why isn't he sending out crap faster???

Are you fucking kidding me? I gave you 24 hours and that was A WEEK AGO. I don't give a rat's ass if it makes you feel bad that I don't trust you. Send me the fucking documents or stop bothering me. Now you are pissing me off.

what exactly am I sending money to you for? Also - Due tothe incrreased security in the United States all money transfers toforeign countries must be accompanied by the new security form.I am sending you the necessary forms - they must be HAND PRINTED - youcannot type them. As well you must include a photo of the person whowill be picking up the money. So please attach a picture of whomeverwill be picking up the money and send me back the forms as soon as you can so I can send you the money

I send him a bunch of bogus WU forms. The same ones I used in the TRUTH IS OUT THERE bait.

Victor is a lazy hog. He won't do anything I tell him to do.

I don’t understand your form if your not ready to buy gold you can keep you money with you we are receiving money from us every day and we don’t fill form. this is not the way I do business or sale my gold you can keep your money with you
bye we can not fill any fromfor you

Well LA DEE DA. Victor has gotten all snooty with me. Lets see how much he like the thought of some other scammer getting my money:

Okay - I will do buinsess with someone else than. No problem. I have a guy who will sell me the gold cheaper and I am going right now to send him a Western Union Transfer for $750. So there.
Good bye.


We are resending you again this offer sheet for gold dust, Pls.if you are interested kindly reply soon. We have attached a form.

I wonder what they sent?

This could not get any more lame.

I would like to see your business license as well as your license to sell gold. And a picture of the gold itself.

I'll keep playing with them till their eyes bleed.

I'll keep you posted.