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Friday, April 01, 2005


Here is the second version of the bait I have running with a different guy. His story is I can have $4.5 million dollars blah blah blah. he writes:

I am writing to solicit your assistance in the nobletransfer of US$4.550.000.00. This fund is the excessof what my branch in which I am the manager made asprofit during the last year. I have already submittedan approved End of the last Year report for the year2004 and also submitted report of first began quarterof this year 2005 to my Head Office here in Accra andthey will never know of this Excess.

In other words he is scamming his imaginary bank.

You know the routine:

My emails are in GREEN
The Scammer's emails are in YELLOW
My award-winning snarks are in WHITE

Dear M:

I do not know how you would get private email but I am willing to help you in this matter. Please let me know how I can help you. In order for me to answer your emails as quickly as possible - please put SFGC in the subject or your future emails. This is MOST important.

This is important because I don't want to confuse you with one of the other idiots I am baiting. He actually listened at put it in the subject! YAY!

I received your mail in good faith and understood the contents clearly. What really matters in this relationship is the entire approach believing this to be welcome development. I must stress that I contactedyou on trust, understanding, and oneness for the realization of this project. Base on this prejudice,Ineed your utmost co-operation, support and truthfullness in this relationship.This is because,the business I am about to establishwith you must definitely take us affluence and beconsidered as the biggest welcome development of theyear.You must understand that This is monetary matterand I have seen and heard how people have been turnapart in the past due to selfish desire. let us allow God to lead us in this operation so that we can showexample in the society. in response to your mail. I want you to apply To the bank as the beneficiary ofthis fund, I shall send to you the application, whichyou will Use and apply to the bank also I need you toassuring Me that this money will be safe and secure inyour Account until my arrival in your country,i will also need your assuring that i will get my share ofthe fund.I contacted you in this transaction because I believeYou will be capable and competent enough to handleThis transaction. Please, I want this transaction toBe Executed as soon as possible therefore, don’tHesitate to waste time,I will send an Application for you to fill and forwardTo the Bank For immediate assessment and transfer ofthe fund Into Your account, however, I will like youto call me on The Phone for us to have a briefdiscussion. Here is My Telephone number +XXXXXXXXXX please, always reach Me on this my private mail also Iwill need your number for an easy communication. Good-bye for now waiting Upon your call to detail youMoore.i wait to read yor mail.

You want my phone number? Good luck.

My friend -

I too am looking forward to completing this trasaction quickly.

Let me tell you about myself before you go any further as we are notof the same church - you might not want to do business with me thoughI am hoping you will see the wisdom in my path and perhaps might beinterested in learning more?

My name is XXXXXXXXXXX (the R is Rhed - a family name...andactually my "first name" - I'll get into that in a moment...)I am the Co-founder of the Almighty Sanctuary For the XXXXXXXXXXXXX (ASFGCQ) . Myself and others have established a place where gender-challenged individuals can meet andexist where no one will condemn their sexual choices.

This next part may shock you.I am a woman - but I was born a man.

My name was Rhed.

I underwent surgery to remove my man-bits and re-created myself as a woman. Thatis part of what support the ASFGCQ provides to its members. We canassist in offering funds for the surgeries and counseling.However we are a private organization and therefore receive no support from the government -- so the money you are offering ismost welcome!I figured you should be aware of who you are dealing with- I hope youstill wish to do business with us.

Praise the Rock Hard Member

Man bits. I make me laugh.

How are you my dear good friend, your mail is well receive by I, we are not the creator GOD is only him knows the people that he create so you are much welcome by any means, what only I want from you is the truth and trust which well lead and guide us over thisproject and your seriousness to stand till the transfer is made. You have not told me where and how Iwill get my share as soon as the fund hit youraccount. is true that we are moving with trust but weneed to clear our self to avoid having problem infuture.I have done all the needful. Your names have beenprogrammed in the database of the bank as thedepositor and the beneficiary of the account holdingthe fund.

The Telephone and Email on the applicationare those of the International Banking Department ofmy head office. Kindly insert the bank details whereyou want them to transfer the fund to and endeavor toinclude the swift code of the account.Please let me know when you have forward theapplication. I need your private number also you giveme call.Attention to call and notify the bank when you haveforwarded the application, just to expedite actions.Please send the application today and call the bankimmediately so that they will start working on thetransfer immediately.I am counting on you. Please remember to sign theapplication before sending.With regards,Michael.



Closure and transfer of my Escrow Call Account#0010101667
I am an Escrow Call account holder in your bank withthe details below.Name:
Account# 0010101667
Branch: Kaneshie
Amount: US$ 4,550.000.00
Swift Code: INCE GHAC
I wish to close and transfer the above fund to my newbank account as listed below:

#Swift Code/ABA:
Bank Name:
Bank Address:
My contact address:

Thanking you in advance for granting your earliest attention to this application.

Yeah- I'll fill that out immediately. You betcha. Oops! It disappeared. M will have to resend it.


I don't see the application??? Did you send it as anattachment? It seems like your email got cut off? Please resend it.

It seems M is also fascinated by what happened to my man-bits...

My dear,

Infact I don’t know how I suppose to put this word toyou but let me ask some question concerning yourmatter, as you told me that your are woman but born asa man. Do you marry? Or can you in any means desire tomarry? And can you bear child, please let me be clearon this matter to enable me know what I have to do inorder to help in one way,I will like to have your photo and your organizationis church? Is it secret organization?

I wait to read your mail.

I hope you are not offended? :(

I am a GOOD person. I am not a criminal or child molester. I am just different.

I am very nice. I am kind. I am not terrible.

Please do not think that! I was born a man. I have always believed I should have been born awoman though. I want to be with men - but not as a man myself. I wanted to be a woman so I had an operation that made me a woman - I have had surgeries to reconstructmy body to that of a woman.

I can marry but I cannot have children. While I look like a woman on the outside I am still a man on theinside.I attached a picture from our New Years Eve party- I am the blonde inthe middle. I am sorry it is not very clear but it is the only one I have around at the moment.

I am very pretty arent I? :)

And NO! We don't always dress that way- it was a party - a celebration! :)

My Organization - The Almighty Center for the XXXXXXX is not really secret - but we try to keep a low profile because of the nature of the group. We do not want our members unsafe and not everyone is accepting of our lifestyle which is why I wantedto let you know up front.


I can send you a pamphlet if you are interested?

There is not harm in looking. We are a very nice organization and are accepting of all races, religions and beliefs.

I sent him a picture I found of a blond transexual with some very flamboyant transvestites. Heh.

I think M is getting soft on me.... He really seems to care. How sweet.

MY Dear ,

How are you, hope all is well. I receive your mail and am glad that you answer some of my question to you. As am saying please tell me if this fund hit youraccount how can we share the money and where, you havenot giving me your number and address also you havenot tell your state again I will like to know your age.

I have a reason by asking you all this questions because this money issue, I will not like to loose what GOD has giving me, this fund is all my hope andyou have to understand that as soon as this fund hityour account I will leave my country to your country for an immediate investment which you will head.

as I can read from your mail, you have not marry ,but you have friends. So are you alone now or you having someone in mind? Let me know all this things because coming to your country is only you I know and know one should know of this business till I arrive. In that photo you send to me, who are you among in the photo.

Are you in black or white?

Please tell me have your doctor ever says nothing can be done for you to be ok, or is money problem? My reason is simple, I will like to know how we will usethis part of this fund to make you ok and the lest to invest. Is your house ok for me or you will look foranother house for me? what do you do for liven ?as am tell you now I have spend all money left with me foran attorney and all document that will empower you tohandle this transaction on your name, so my dear be serous, am only here waiting your confirmation for me to come over. No time should waste any more for us not to jeopardize all the effort that I have made. As Ihave program your name in the bank date as the accountholder and beneficial, stand fore itNp; remember to send the application to the bank nowso that the transfer will commence immediatry

All the effort he has made? What the hell has he done besides listen to my drivel?

I think he secretly wants a little of my meatloaf surprise if you ask me...

I am white - I am the person in the middle.

My information is that at the Santuary - I do not have a private phoneas we at the sanctuary live in a group environment.

My address is:
c/o The Almighty Sanctuary for the XXXXXXXXXXXXXXX
Hershey HighwayEnigma, Vermont 57414

I am 34

There is nothing wrong with me. I have chosen to live my life as awoman. Here in the US we are called Transsexuals. It is not that uncommon.

I have breasts - I went to a doctor for implants. I have had my penis removed.

I am not alone - but I am not with anyone either. You are more than welcome to stay with us in the sanctuary if you come visit. We have plenty of rooms, a swimming pool, cars that we all share... There are five houses on the property we own and everyone shares everything.

Do you need my bank account number?

You should tell me about yourself too. Have you even considered seeing what it was like to wear women's makeup? or a dress? It is very fun.

If I can complete this bait I AM INVINCIBLE! :)

I'll keep you posted.